Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Doesn't See National Security as Serious Issue

3-19 I figured I've taken a long enough break from my blog that I should write something new.

I read a report from Newsmax yesterday that caught my eye about King Obama shutting down the program that allows airline pilots to carry firearms. Have there been instances of pilots threatening passengers or shooting holes in their own planes? Of course not!

The real problem is that Obama does not see our national security as a serious issue. The $2 million that previously financed a program to train and certify pilots to carry firearms has been transferred to hiring additional field investigators to help discipline out-of-line pilots. A Washington Times article reported this Tuesday, also calling Obama's actions "completely unnecessary harassment of the pilots."

Put this alongside other moves Obama has made since taking office. His choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder, referred to interrogation techniques as "torture."

Obama banned waterboarding and announced plans to shut down Guantanamo Bay. He has indicated that the defense budget will be reduced.

His choice for Homeland Security does not use the word "terrorist" in her statements and instead announces plans to help the poor in America.

Obama has sent a letter to Russian leaders with an offer to back off on the ballistic missile defense system protecting Europe from Iran and North Korea.

He has insulted one of our main allies, Britain, on several occasions. He returned to Britain a statue of William Churchill that was sent to Pres. Bush after 9/11. It had previously sat in prominence in the Oval Office. King Obama cancelled a get-together meal with the Prime Minister on his first visit to Obama in the White House. Obama further insulted him with a gift of 25 classic American movies after lavish, thoughtful gifts from the Prime Minister.

He sent money to the Palestinians, which will obviously fall into the hands of Hamas, a terrorist group ruling the region.

Need I go on? I had planned on detailing my concerns about his economic policies, love of big government, and views on abortion, but this encapsulates them all. A lack of concern for foreign policy and national security will eventually destroy our economy, the government, and lives. Dick Cheyney was right to express concern about Obama, and this has nothing to do with Obama being a Democrat. His policies are dangerous and will not work. That much should be clear to anyone who ignores the liberal mainstream media and looks at the facts.