Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12/09/08 As with all new enterprises, it may take some time for me to get this looking the way I want, but my primary purpose in this blog is to express common sense and to give me a chance to growl about the stupid things people do (especially politicians). It's also about how we can work together to right a world that is currently upside down.

For example, why is the government getting involved in a bailout of the American car companies or any other business? Businesses have been allowed rise and fall in our country since its creation. Our current situation should be no different. Yes, people may get laid off and be out of work, but there are plenty of other job opportunities out there and new jobs are being created every day.

There is no need to prop up the American auto industry!

Anyway, this is an example of the type of growling I like to do, and I apprerciate you taking the time to read it. Please feel free to respond. I will either respond here or personally in an e-mail.

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