Thursday, April 2, 2009

Censorship at the Times

4-2 Welcome! I appreciate the warm comments from friends and family in response to my blog.

I will write more later about Mike Huckabee because I finished his book recently, Do the Right Thing. It's an excellent book written not just to conservative Republicans but to people who are concerned about the culture of our nation and what to do about it. Like I said, I will address that more at a later time. In the meantime, I would appreciate comments from anyone who has read the book. (And if you haven't, try to find it. It's worth reading.)

Changing subjects, I saw from Monday's Philadelphia paper (The Bulletin) that Obama has been finally linked with ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). Stephanie Strom, reporter for The New York Times, had been writing articles based on information given her by someone inside ACORN. However, when it was told to Ms. Strom that Obama's campaign had sent its maxed out donor list to ACORN's Washington office, her The Times stopped reporting on ACORN's efforts. Why?

Ms. Strom said, "it would have been a game changer."

So the New York Times is influencing what we read and learn? Isn't that censorship? I thought liberals hated censorship! Well, the truth is that the Times and the rest of the liberal media wanted Obama elected (even over liberal Hillary Clinton) and did everything possible to get him elected. This is further proof that if you read the liberal media (or listen to them), you will not get the whole truth--most likely not even half of the truth.

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