Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Parties for everyone!

4-17-09 Wednesday was Tax Day, and this is the first time in my memory that Americans openly protested tax rates and government spending on April 15. Despite what the liberal mainstream media says, these Tea Parties were not orchestrated by the RNC, nor were they gatherings of only Republicans. I saw reports of these parties and saw signs that indicated independents were there, too. For example, a huge sign behind Glenn Beck on Fox News said, "Ron Paul for President in 2012."

I also saw that anger was one of the motivating factors behind the Tea Parties, but the people I saw at various rallies were not hostile. Rather, they cheered, they smiled, they laughed, and they celebrated the common cause that brought them together: freedom.

Under President Obama, many Americans are fully aware of his socialistic intentions and they don't want that for America. It's not about Democrat or Republican or Independent anymore--it's about preserving our way of life and our freedoms!

In The Cleveland Plain Dealer, two numbskull reporters wrote, "Though the rally was hyped as a nonpartisan event, some speakers and those in the audience talked about gun rights, bringing God back into public education and being pro-life." Excuse me, but when did either political party hold sole custody of any of these issues?

Are there no pro-life Democrats?

Are there no Democrats in the U.S. who believe in God and want some sanity and fairness brought back into the public schools regarding religion?

Are there no Democrats who own guns and think that some politicians go overboard when it comes to gun legislation?

And the same could be asked about Independents. This is why I started my blog. I am so frustrated at how the media twists our beliefs and how liberals in government try to separate people into groups that war against each other that I could scream!


I don't feel much better, but I am encouraged by seeing the tremendous turnout around the country for the Tea Parties. And this is not the end of them! More are promised throughout the summer. I am encouraged because I see decent Americans standing up and saying, "This is enough! You've gone too far!" Only when we make our voices heard do politicians hesitate in their agendas.

Remember what happened after the Boston Tea Party--the Revolutionary War began. We are at war in this country against elitist ideals that indicate some can dictate how all need to act. We are at war against a government (Democrats and Republicans) that feels it can use our money any way it wants to and not be held accountable. Most importantly, we are at war against government officials (again from both camps) who do not feel they have to abide by the Constitution or the ideals that have caused this country to prosper for more than 200 years.

Therefore, I am encouraged by the Tea Parties and hope that politicians start recognizing the desires of the people and actually listen to the people who elected them. If they don't, there is a groundswell of anger across the country that could mean some BIG changes in government in the future.

(In case you weren't aware, T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already.)

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