Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Grandma Gerig

1-14 I've taken a break from writing in my blog because of my grandmother's recent death. Everything else took a back seat because she has been a very important person in my life.

In her prime, she was a fiesty woman, a woman who put herself through college while raising four sons and went on to teach high school algebra, geometry, and other subjects I struggled with while in school myself.

She taught herself to play the piano and the organ. I remember her playing the organ in church when I was young, and she was very good. When she and my grandfather moved to Galion, Ohio, she was the regular organist in their church.

Grandma Gerig was my last living grandparent, and I will miss her very much. She was a very giving person who loved life and God and all of her family. She loved to joke and laugh and pull pranks on us. She would often give us pj's for Christmas with the sleeves and leggings sown shut. She loved to sing loudly, although she didn't always remember the words and wasn't always in key.

As I conclude this, I dedicate this post to her by using her favorite color for the font, orange.

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