Sunday, January 18, 2009

King Obama

1-18 I keep hearing people in the media, around town, and even in my own house at times (!) talk about what a historic moment this is in America. We can be proud that we finally have a black president. He is a warm, friendly guy who has "reached across the aisle" and had a dinner with conservative columnists. What a wonderful guy!

Possibly. I tell my wife that Hitler was a nice guy, too. That was certainly a historic moment. Who cares that he killed millions of Jews and tried to take over the world? His election was historic!

Now, I'm not calling Prez-elect Obama a Hitler. What I am saying is that we need to take a close look at this man, nice or not. A good place to start is Illinois, Obama's home state, where Gov. Blagojevich is a hair away from losing his job. What horrible thing did Gov. Blago do? He tried to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder and apparently thought he'd have no chance of getting caught because 1. it's Illinois, mob capital of the U.S., 2. he helped Obama get elected in Illinois, and 3. he's a Democrat. Democrats always protect other Democrats. The only exception is when they step on another Democrat's quest for power.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's right-hand man, told Blago who Obama wanted to fill the seat. Blago reportedly told Obama (using several juicy expletives) that he would make sure he got something out of it. He wasn't doing this for nothing.

Although Obama has publicly backed off from the Blago mess, he wanted to make a point to Blago and anyone else threatening to mess up his plans. Obama is responsible for the Illinois Senate that voted to impeach the governor and put pressure on him to quit. The press also continually makes calls for him to quit, most likely also prompted by Obama. (Is anyone else hearing bits from "The Godfather" right now?)

Look at another example, one that happened during the campaign. Joe the Plumber was an "ordinary Joe" until Obama strolled down his street, talking to people. Joe, who didn't like Obama getting away with all his flowery talk without hard facts, asked him about his tax increase if he were to start his own company. Obama's response was widely broadcast by Republicans and conservatives and eventually the liberal press: "We've got to spread the wealth around." That's the main tenet of Socialism!

And what happened to Joe the Plumber? It wasn't even twenty-four hours before Joe was being maligned in the press for his debts, divorce, and whatever other dirt they could dig up. Joe did not ask for the public attention! Joe did not even attack Obama! All he did was ask a question!

Nevertheless, Obama and the willing press did all they could to destroy Joe, even making it hard for him to continue working. He was not a public figure, not an elected official, just a common person. Yet Obama and many liberals did not want his point to be made and focused on the irrelevant background of Joe the Plumber.

The same will happen to anyone who questions King Obama or gets in his way. That is my honest assessment.

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