Saturday, January 3, 2009

WARNING: Religious content about Christmas

1-3 I've taken a break during the Christmas rush to avoid anything dealing with politics. It's been great, and as I ease back in, I wanted to review what Christmas means to me.

It angers me, first of all, that some were talking about "holiday trees" this year as an excuse to avoid offending anyone. Christmas is the name of the holiday! Maybe I'm mistaken. There may be a growing segment of the population who have New Years trees.

I also noticed on our local stations that fewer Christmas carols actually had anything to do with Christ than last year (and I'm including a Christian station in that list). The ones about Frosty, riding through a winter wonderland, and Rudolph are great classics, but what about the real meaning of Christmas?

It comes down to Jesus, born of a virgin, lying in a manger. This same Jesus lived a perfect life and died an unjust and cruel death.

However, the most important and incredible part of Jesus' life is none of what I just mentioned. It's that he rose from the dead. No other religion can claim this, and this is what gives Christianity it's vitality. Jesus is alive and seated in Heaven next to God the Father.

That is why so many try year after year to take Christ out of Christmas. When you explore Jesus' life, beginning with his incredible conception and birth, we have to come to the conclusion that he was no ordinary man. Even if you ignore his claims of deity, he was not ordinary.

When I think of our great nation after this Christmas, I hope people remember Who holds it all together.

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